Slingshot Theatre

Slingshot Theatre was established in 2010 to produce exciting, dynamic, unpredictable and memorable new theatre through releasing the creative power and vigorous energy of the actor.

Our buzzwords are physical comedy, mask, improvisation and new writing. We seek to innovate and invent, to go beyond the expectations of our audience and to re-ignite a passion for live theatre in the UK.

We create theatre not exclusively for, but especially with 14-19 year olds in mind, who we feel have become a deserted demographic. Out of our goal of performance springs our theatre workshops, often teaching our foundational discipline, the Commedia dell’ Arte.

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for Slingshot Theatre

  • Kiel O'Shea
    Kiel O'Shea , Stibby Blot + Benjamin Smythe Bullock
    • Nativity in Creakebottom
    • New Diorama + Tour
  • Tom McCarron
    Tom McCarron , Biggins
    • Nativity in Ramsbottom
    • GL1
  • Adam Karrie
    Adam Karrie , Rev. Wesley Biggins
    • Nativity in Creakebottom

Slingshot Theatre Jobs

For details of known Slingshot Theatre vacancies, please check our jobs board for more information