Mandy Actors UK

Disneyland Paris

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for Disneyland Paris

  • Veronica Stanwell
    Veronica Stanwell , Elsa
    • Micky and the Magician
    • Theatre Animagique
  • Grace Dunkerley
    Grace Dunkerley , Character/dancer
    • Mickey's Magical Christmas Lights
  • Grace Dunkerley
    Grace Dunkerley , Character/dancer
    • Merry Stitchmas Show
  • James Docherty
    James Docherty , Face Character & Parade Performer (including Jack Sparrow, Prince Charming)
    • Disney Stars on Parade
    • Disneyland Paris
  • Daisy Smalley-Nicholson
    Daisy Smalley-Nicholson , Parade performer/ dancer
    • Disney Land Paris Pirates and Princess season
    • Disney Land Paris
  • Sarah Flinton
    Sarah Flinton , Christmas Caroller
    • Tree Lighting Ceremony
  • Christopher Munt-Um
    Christopher Munt-Um , Stormtrooper
    • Star Wars 'Season of the Force' Promotional Footage
    • Walt Disney Studios Park
  • Chloe Ridgway
    Chloe Ridgway , Character
    • Mickey's Tricycle Gang
  • Laure Generes
    Laure Generes , Elsa
    • Mickey and the Magicien
    • Animagique Theatre
  • Tamara Andrea
    Tamara Andrea , Character and Parade Performer
    • Magic on Parade and Disney Stars on Parade
  • Daisy Smalley-Nicholson
    Daisy Smalley-Nicholson , Perfomer/dancer
    • Haloween celebrations at Disney Land Paris
    • Disney Land Paris- Frontierland
  • Sofia Scalco
    Sofia Scalco , Parade Dancer
    • Goofy's Skeletoon Street Party
  • Christopher Munt-Um
    Christopher Munt-Um , Goofy
    • Disneyland Paris' 25th Anniversary Opening Ceremony
    • Central Plaza
  • Jac Norris
    Jac Norris , Wilbur Robinson
    • Disneyland paris 25th Anniversary Celebration
    • Disneyland Paris
  • Naomi Butherway
    Naomi Butherway , Parade dancer
    • Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Celebration
    • Main Street USA Disneyland Paris
  • Bethany Hannah
    Bethany Hannah , Character and Parade Performer
    • Disneyland Paris
  • Adam Tipping
    Adam Tipping , Parade Performer, Costume Character, Animator
    • Disneyland Paris
  • Sarah Flinton
    Sarah Flinton , Elsa, Bird Girl and Snowflake dancer
    • Disney's Stars On Parade
    • Disneyland Paris
  • Christopher Munt-Um
    Christopher Munt-Um , Cowboy Dancer, Thorn Dancer, Goofy
    • Disney Stars on Parade
    • Disneyland Park
  • Christopher Munt-Um
    Christopher Munt-Um , Various Dancer and Character Roles
    • Disney Magic on Parade
    • Disneyland Paris

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