Appeartome is a young company that is changing the face of interactive apps thanks to the invention of a concept called Ultra Reality (UR).
Major investment in R & D has led to a number of patent applications for breakthrough technologies that together create real people presentations contained within highly compact smart phone and tablet apps.
UR has many advantages over Augmented Reality (AR) which normally uses computer generated images rather than real people. Chief amongst the benefits for UR is its high quality and its low cost. The presentations are crystal clear and totally flexible, yet they can be created quickly for a fraction of the investment associated with standard AR.
Appeartome works with leading partner organisations such as visitor destinations or sports superstars to create exciting and informative apps – frequently at no cost to our partner.
The Appeartome headquarters are at the Science Park at York University in the UK, where facilities include one of the newest and best-equipped TV studios in Britain. The company also has a development team at offices in Science City, Hyderabad in India, where they work on Android and iOS platforms.

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