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An evolution in storytelling

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Once upon a time, Performance PR was a media relations agency, specialising in sport and automotive.

It sat between brands and the media and it developed clever campaigns, designed to secure client messages within journalists’ output.

Not a day went past without content from Performance PR’s conveyor belt of strong images, compelling news stories and topical interview opportunities featuring in a newspaper, magazine, TV programme or radio show.

Then along came Web 2.0, WiFi, 3G, 4G, smartphones, Apps, tablets, TV on Demand, Internet radio, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Cookies and many other new technologies to act as plot twists.

And everything changed.

As well as consuming news and opinion from traditional media, people started developing their own virtual communities of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Collecting friends online became the new ‘thing’ to do and, together, they created, shared and exchanged stuff.

These communities soon began to grow and become an important alternative source for gathering and forming opinion.

Performance PR could no longer rely upon traditional media alone – and their digital mirrors - to communicate client messages. It could now engage with the public directly, so it changed its approach.
The World of Performance: PR, Digital, Video and Partnerships

Storytelling was always at the heart of Performance PR content in the motoring, sports, lifestyle, technology, music and fashion media. With access to tell those stories direct to the public, it was able to see how people reacted and engaged with them.

For some clients, performance:partnerships helped find like-minded brands to help create the story.

performance:video then went on to produce visual narratives of differing length, complexity and tone - no fewer than 200 in the first year alone.

These were then shared by the performance:digital team, whose familiarity with navigating and engaging online communities, as well as its knowledge of the mysterious art of social media, meant more and more people got to hear the story.

And knitting it all together was performance:pr – performing the magic of media relations.

What set it apart was the depth and understanding of its subject matter. These were stories created by passionate people for the enjoyment of like-minded fans, practitioners who knew, innately, the triggers to pull to evoke emotion.

This is no fairytale; the client characters in these stories grew ever more famous, reached new audiences and created new customers. A happy ending is always guaranteed.

The End

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for Performance PR

  • Paul Hughes
    Paul Hughes , University Lecturer
    • Citroen DS3 Cabrio 'Premium Car Wash'

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