Acting Like Mad

Founded in 2008, Acting Like Mad has staged several London productions to date. The company actualises the concept of democratic theatre, where every actor and every character is as important as the next, where gender equality can be taken to the point of gender-blind casting, and where consciousness does not necessarily follow logic.
The thematic structure of our productions tests not only the boundaries of dramatic writing, but also our audiences' perception of theatre. By exploring the skill of acting to new depths, we learn that it relies not on past techniques, but can develop into new ways of analysing and understanding characters. Consequently, with an unbridled and constantly renewed perspective, we find anti-realist interpretations and unorthodox ways in which to approach a text. This then leads to the avoidance of blinkered and unimaginative typecasting, and instead challenges actors to play roles that they largely disassociate with, culminating in a vibrant and non-derivative theatrical experiment.

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