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Jinx Media was founded in 2003, with a mission to produce high quality, low-cost independent feature films for the international market.

The company's first feature was TrashHouse, a wild horror-comedy which was released in the UK in January 2006 following a premiere screening at the TromaFling festival in September 2005, where it was awarded the 'Best Screenplay' award and runner up for 'Best UK Feature'. The initial UK DVD release, via Screen Entertainment, saw the movie on the shelves of all major rental outlets including Blockbuster, where it performed brisk business and established what Fangoria later described as a 'cult following'. It has since been rereleased on budget label Shriek.

Jinx followed up this remarkable debut with KillerKiller, a critically acclaimed slasher movie with a subversive twist. KillerKiller was released on DVD in the USA in 2007, and has since been released in territories all across the globe. In July 2008, the film was released theatrically for a limited run in selected UCI cinemas in Germany prior to DVD release in that territory.

The next film lined up for release is Hellbride, winner of 'Commended' status at the Festival of Fantastic Film 2007 in Manchester and listed as a 'Red Alert' in SFX magazine. This feature has been signed to Maxim Media and will be hitting DVD shelves in early 2009.

Then comes The Devil's Music, a film about notorious shock rocker Erika Spawn which looks set to be Jinx Media's most controversial and critically acclaimed movie yet. The Devil's Music has just started festival screenings, and was the outright winner of the Independent Feature category at the Festival of Fantastic Film 2008. The film's US premiere will be at the SOAPIFF festival later this month.

Jinx Media has a full production slate for the future, with announced titles including House on the WitchPit and Strippers vs Werewolves, along with a segment of anthology movie Bordello Death Tales. The company remains based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England, and founders Pat and Pippa Higgins remain the driving force behind the company.

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