Professional Role Players Ltd

Professional role Players has been established for over 14 years, and is a nationwide provider of highly skilled role players and trainers.

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Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for Professional Role Players Ltd

  • Robert Hider
    Robert Hider , Ongoing various patient roles
    • Various medical role-plays (details are confidential)
    • Various in South West region
  • Alexander Hewitt
    Alexander Hewitt , Various Characters
    • Medical Role Play
  • Evangeline Cull
    Evangeline Cull , Simulated Patient
    • Royal College of Psychiatrists, Clinical Assessment
  • Nakib Narat
    Nakib Narat , Various Patients
    • Royal College Of Psychiatrists Role Play
    • Sheffield
  • Joseph Quartson
    Joseph Quartson , Various simulated patients
    • Royal College of Psychiatrists CASC Examinations January 2019
  • Elizabeth Coombs
    Elizabeth Coombs , Simulated patient scenarios
    • Role Play
    • National Venues
  • Evangeline Cull
    Evangeline Cull , Simulated Patient
    • Physical Exam
  • Joseph Quartson
    Joseph Quartson , Simulated Patient
    • Oxleas - Assessment 2019
  • Lottie Jones
    Lottie Jones , Simualted Patient
    • OSCES
  • Jessica Winterton
    Jessica Winterton , Mental Health
    • Mental Health Role Play
  • Ian Archdeacon
    Ian Archdeacon , Various Roles
    • Medical Roleplay Work
  • Toni Green
    Toni Green , Numerous roles
    • Medical roleplay - A & E, Psychiatric, and numerous others
  • Deborah Couch
    Deborah Couch , Multiple Roles
    • Medical Roleplay
    • University of Exeter, Heavitree Hospital
  • Ann Brown
    Ann Brown , At least 20 different characters
    • Medical Roleplay
  • Primrose Bigwood
    Primrose Bigwood , Patient
    • Medical Role Play (Year 4 OSCE's)
  • Tim Parker
    Tim Parker , Standardised Patient, multiple scenarios
    • Exeter Medical School
    • Exeter
  • Jenny Coverack
    Jenny Coverack , Medical Role Play
    • University of Exeter, various medical role plays
    • Heavitree Hospital
  • Chelsea Vincent
    Chelsea Vincent , Taylor Carr
    • TICCS Preparation
  • Matthew Parker
    Matthew Parker , Role player
    • Sheffield Psychiatric Examinations
    • Sheffield Sports Institute
  • Esther Ridgway
    Esther Ridgway , PIP claimants
    • Proffesional Role Players
    • Various locations

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