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We started our journey together as a tipsy chit-chat around a dying fire in a South Devon field. The Shakespeare comedy the three of us were touring in had come to a close and we were reflecting on what had been a hectic and emotional four months.

The end of university was nigh, as was the vast abyss of the unknown that the culmination of nearly three years work would inevitably bring. As we trudged across the dewy grass back to our tents, Full Theatre Company was born.

What initially began as an idea to put on one play at the end of the final semester has grown into a fully-fledged and ever aspiring working theatre company. We bring together actors, producers, technicians and crew in a fun collective of developing practitioners with one common goal: to produce hard-hitting theatre with an undercurrent of serious social messages.

Since 2010 our track-record has meant we have had to grow at an expeditious pace to bring together our ideas and processes to meet our strict ambitions and to continue making theatre for our loyal audiences.

We hope you will join us in our latest ventures and we welcome you to what will be an exciting step on our ever developing journey.

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