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The company's performance projects seek to challenge what we are told is the truth, shed light on vital issues and unlayer the complexities within. Our aim is to provoke questions, challenge preconceptions and inspire useful action.

Currently raising funding for "In The Thrice Ninth Kingdom" by M. G. Yale.
This provocative new play examines the state of global LGBT rights through the prism of three interconnected lives.

Russian folklore tells of a mythical place full of wonder and promise called the Thrice Ninth Kingdom. New play, In The Thrice Ninth Kingdom by Michael Yale, tells the story of a group of people from around the world all linked by one shocking incident, each of them in their own way seeking to improve their lives and the lives of their fellow countrymen
We meet a man who is locked up and abused for standing up for his rights and for speaking out against injustice. From this central figure we encounter individuals prepared to carry out desperate and unspeakable acts in the search for their own thrice ninth kingdom.

From a cellar in Moscow to a bedsit in North London, In the Thrice Ninth Kingdom exposes the reality of life for persecuted minorities. At the same time, the play addresses the complexities of dealing with the human consequences of that persecution for those fortunate enough to live in a country that respects the rights of minorities and supports those in need.
Against the backdrop of increasing brutality against LGBT people, and with material based on documented cases around the world, In The Thrice Ninth Kingdom examines the persecution of the individual and the abrogation of their rights: rights to be heard, rights to choose, rights to exist.

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