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Fly On The Wall Entertainment believes in great storytelling, whether it’s on a docuseries, game show, competition or format.
FLY ON THE WALL ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 2009 by the merger of two unscripted production companies, Allison Grodner Productions and Meehan Productions. Together, partners Allison and Rich have been responsible for many of the genre’s most innovative, thought-provoking, story-driven programs since the beginning of the reality genre. As the executive producers of CBS’s summer sensation Big Brother, going into its 15th season this summer, they have overseen the growth and evolution of one of the most popular entertainment franchises on broadcast television.
FLY ON THE WALL ENTERTAINMENT believes in real people and real stories. As storytellers, we strive to help people communicate their unique voice in the world and to make their special mark. Through our shows, we’ve rekindled forgotten dreams. We’ve reunited long lost relatives. We’ve exonerated the innocent. We’ve restored hope. And, yes, we’ve given away millions of dollars.
We believe there is no better story than a real one. We’re committed to taking audiences into worlds they might never see to give them a chance to be a Fly On The Wall.

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