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Cleaver: rise of the killer clown

2015, 1 minutes

From the studio that brought you Slasher House, A killer horror movie that isn't Clowning Around.

1990 Oklahoma : Carlton Layton arrived home to find his wife in the arms of another man, he went out to his van and donned the clown suit that he used as a children's entertainer and proceeded to slaughter his wife and her lover. All of this was witnessed by his 5 year old daughter and Carlton escaped into the night leaving his little girl behind. 5 Years Later : Halloween Night and Carley, a young college student, is hired to take care of a little girl as her parents head out to a Halloween party, but someone one is waiting, someone wants the girl, someone who we know as 'The Cleaver".

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  • Mj Dixon · Director/Camera/Editor/Composer
    • Cleaver : Rise of the Killer Clown
    • Mycho Entertainment