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My Grandparents' Tenant

2011, 75 minutes

Contemporary dance flm

My Grandparents' Tenant takes an interview as a starting point that the artist conducted with her grandparents about a woman who rented a room in their home during the Second World War. She turned out to be a friend of Vladimir Lenin and helped him to travel from Switzerland to Russia in the 'sealed train' after the 'February Revolution' broke out in Russia in 1917. The interview discusses how history and knowledge is produced through a complex structure of personal needs and social expectations.

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have been involved in My Grandparents' Tenant

  • Julie Hoult · Mrs Schumacher
    • My Grandparents' Tenant
    • Film London/City Projects
  • Lorna Anders · 50F
    • My Grandparents Tenant
    • City Projects Production

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