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The Memory Dealer

2013, 90 minutes

An engrossing story of commitment and betrayal in a world where governments and corporations conspire to monetise our very souls.

You are going to the cinema with Eve Rust, an old friend. She’s just made contact again. You were good friends until she got involved in the whole memory thing. Mobile phones can record memories and replay them directly into your brain so vividly that it is like experiencing it again. Memory exchange is illegal and there’s an underground sub-culture of memory use. Eve became famous as a campaigner for the controlled use of memory exchange and keeping memories free from corporate ownership. When the government announced legalisation and the sale of the licence to a single corporation, Mevokia, her campaign group, the XM, was made illegal. Eve went from being the darling of Newsnight to outlaw over night. Last you heard, she was on the run from the Digital Investigations Command. Maybe it’s all been resolved now. You’re looking forward to seeing her again.

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  • Julie Hoult · DI Patricia Stone
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