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David Yiu

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    David Yiu
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    Hi there!

    I’m a experienced Headshot Photographer based in Beckenham, South-East London. I’ve been a photographer for the last 9 years and have worked with a whole variety of people, from the extremely confident to the very shy, I’m easy going and will work hard to make sure that you are happy with all the photos that you receive.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a complete newcomer to acting or have been doing it for years, your headshot is important. It can be daunting, thinking of having your headshot taken, but we will work together to provide you with a selection of headshots that not only show who you are, but who you are at your absolute best!

    My studio is located in Beckenham with easy access either by car or train (regular service from London Bridge, Charing Cross, Waterloo, Victoria, Lewisham).

    I own my studio and so I can give you the full benefit of shooting in a studio environment with lighting and outside with natural light without charging lots to cover central London rental costs!

    All of my sessions are friendly and relaxed, when you arrive, we will be able to sit down in a comfortable environment with a cup of tea or coffee and discuss the shoot ahead and the type of headshots that you are looking to achieve. We regularly review the images as we go so that you can give feedback on what you like, so as the session goes on we can adapt as needed.

    Your session will never feel rushed and I tailor every session towards you as an individual, this means we will get the best headshots that are right for you and that will help you stand out from the crowd.

    I shoot throughout the week, Monday - Saturday and have both morning (10am) and afternoon (12pm and 2pm) sessions.

    If you would like to get in touch just send me an email ( or call 07761044102

    If you would like to book a session with me, please see the pricing page on my site and you can book in directly with a date and time that suits you!


    Basic - £150 (Students: £135):
    - 1hr 30 mins
    - unlimited clothing changes
    - all images from session uploaded to an online gallery
    - 3 professionally edited images
    - in studio and outdoors (Weather permitting).

    Standard - £240 (Students: £215):
    - 2 hrs 30 mins
    - unlimited clothing changes
    - all images from session uploaded to an online gallery
    - 5 professionally edited images
    - in studio and outdoors (Weather permitting)

    Pro - £340 (Students: £305):
    - 3 hrs 30 mins
    - unlimited changes
    - all images from the session uploaded to an online gallery
    - 8 professionally edited images
    - in studio and outdoors (Weather permitting)

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  • Kerry Holmes
    Kerry Holmes
    David was really great to work with and I was delighted with he headshots
  • Jade Aboderin
    Jade Aboderin
    David was amazing! So helpful and easy to work with.
  • Amy Blackthorne
    Amy Blackthorne
    Fantastic photographer who takes the time to get to know you, work out exactly what you want out of the session, and delivers accordingly without rushing or just going through the motions. Received shots very quickly, and were edited and ready in the timeframe promised. Great value for money, great quality, great service all around
  • Gregory Layhe
    Gregory Layhe
    David is a fantastic headshot photographer that puts you at ease and ensures that you get the most out of your session - would definitely recommend him!
  • Jordan John
    Jordan John
    Amazing sessions. Really relaxing and yet engaging. Highly recommend
  • India Rushton-Dray
    India Rushton-Dray
    David was extremely professional and put me at ease instantly, he was generous with his time and expertise and delivered a large range of fantastic shots for me to choose from. Would highly recommend.
  • Sam Treharne
    Sam Treharne
    Great photographer!
  • Iveta Drulyte
    Iveta Drulyte
    He's amazing and truly a professional. Knows what he's doing and makes it easier for you to pose. Very friendly atmosphere and a good laugh together. Found it easy to work with him and the outcome is incredible, I'm very happy with the pictures and thankful for all the advices. Really hope to work with him again in the future. Definitely recommend him.
  • Kimberly Morina
    Kimberly Morina
    David Yiu is one of my favourite head shot photographers, his work ethic resonates throughout all of his work which was one of the reasons why I chose to get my head shots done with him.
  • Tomi Sunmonu
    Tomi Sunmonu
    David Yiu is a great photographer. He made me feel welcome and comfortable. He gave great direction and was very understanding. He was professional but I also had a fun time shooting with him, I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for new headshots.
  • David Hanson-Addai
    David Hanson-Addai
    I absolutely loved my session with David Yiu! He made me feel more than relaxed and lived up to everything he says on his website: I was extremely impressed with how much character expressions he was able to get out of me and successfully capture! He used some very clever methods. He understood my passion for film and the roles I want to go for and really helped me achieve the right look for these roles. He explains very clearly all about headshots and how his shoot will run, I was very well informed. I was also very pleased with the service provided, everything is clear, fast communication and a real understanding of the industry and what an actor needs for a successful headshot. The way the photos are sent are also very professional and you get plenty of time to choose from a wide range of photos. I love the fact that your agent also has access to your gallery in order help you decide in a very quick and easy way. I highly recommend David Yiu! I certainly will be going again, very good value for money, extremely friendly and fun to work with! 10/10 100% Thank You David Yiu!
  • Shelley McDonald
    Shelley McDonald
    David was really sociable and helped me to feel comfortable in front of the camera which shows in my pictures,
  • James King
    James King
    David's a great guy; really friendly, relaxed atmosphere in the shoots and gives you a wide variety to choose from.
  • Tom Dillon-McEvoy
    Tom Dillon-McEvoy
    Couldn't recommend enough, absolutely phenomenal quality, brilliant guy, amazing!
  • Seamus Newham
    Seamus Newham
    I was very pleased with the photographer David Yiu. I enjoyed the session and he allowed me enough time to feel relaxed. There are plenty of photos to choose from and it was good value for money.
  • Abigail Sarfas
    Abigail Sarfas
    Very thorough comfortable shoot. Very friendly. High-quality images.
  • Olga Koutova
    Olga Koutova
    Great photographer! Very friendly and helpful guidance through the session.
  • James Sherwood
    James Sherwood
    Great session, relaxed and managed to work varying styles via a great mix of lighting states. Have no hesitations about using David in the future :)
  • Sarah Fowkes
    Sarah Fowkes
    David was very professional and very happy withe the results
  • Tiwai Muza
    Tiwai Muza
    Was great to work with David. A high level of professionalism at a great rate, would highly recommend David to any local actors looking to get headshots.
  • Dawn Rose Summers
    Dawn Rose Summers
    David has produced some great professional headshots for me and he managed to put me at ease so much that I even started to enjoy having my picture taken for once!
  • Helen Evans
    Helen Evans
    David was wonderful to work with. He made it easy, relaxed and fun. I not only have some great shots showing my range, I also have this which is the most "like me" photograph I have ever had taken.
  • Helga Ragnars
    Helga Ragnars
    David was a wonderful photographer to work with. He made me feel very comfortable and we achieved some awesome results!
  • Basil Massy
    Basil Massy
    David is very charming and professional. He put me instantly at my ease, he has a great studio based at his house and used the garden too, for the shoot. in a two hour shoot he took 665 shots for me to review in a range of outfits, locations and attitudes. I was very impressed!
  • Aneta Piotrowska
    Aneta Piotrowska
    David is a great photographer and a lovely person, too:) The session was very relaxed, with many different set ups and a delicious coffee. I'm very pleased with my headshots.
  • Aneta Piotrowska
    Aneta Piotrowska
    David is a great photographer and a lovely person, too:) The session was very relaxed, with many different set ups and delicious coffee. I'm very pleased with my headshots.
  • Nick Hyde
    Nick Hyde
    Dave provided a masterful service. Getting headshots taken is an intimate, and sometimes uncomfortable experience. David, however, made me feel completely at ease, allowing me to loosen up. He took a vast array of photos, all of which were excellent. The retouching service was rapid but flawless, producing some extremely high-quality headshots. Thanks again, Dave!
  • Ludovic Moktary
    Ludovic Moktary
    David is a great artist, he makes me confortable for the shooting and has plenty of ideas. I truly recommend him !
  • Rebecca Hutchins
    Rebecca Hutchins
    David made me feel instantly comfortable when I arrived at his studio and was incredibly helpful, directing and advising me with each photo. I would recommend him to everyone looking to get brilliant headshots at a very reasonable price.
  • Matt Colyer
    Matt Colyer
    David was a fantastic photographer with a great energy and enthusiasm. He immediately made me feel relaxed and confident and I love the rang of looks and moods he got out of me during out session. I would highly recommend him.
  • Sam Stay
    Sam Stay
    Recommend Highly, relaxed - professional and great to work with! What all Headshot photographers should aspire to be Love the final outcome
  • George Mott
    George Mott
    Couldn't recommend David more. Out of all the head shots I have ever had I can safely say this was the easiest. He is really professional and has a well structured session plan which is easy to understand and follow. His direction was fantastic and he is an overall nice guy.
  • Thomas Schneesche
    Thomas Schneesche
    It was brilliant, I really enjoyed working with David. He is a very nice guy and his methods and technique resulted in a very productive session! It was amazing to have so many good pictures to choose from!
  • John Skerritt
    John Skerritt
    Working with David was a pleasure, he put me at ease, explained the process and ideas, and the whole experience was chilled and fun, and the resulting headshots were fantastic quality!
  • Russell Kilmister
    Russell Kilmister
    I got exactly the shots I wanted from our session. I'd say David is one of the best head shot photographers in the business.
  • Isaac Bernier-Doyle
    Isaac Bernier-Doyle
    Fantastic photographer; great experience; excellent value for money. Would recommend to anyone looking for headshots.
  • Chantelle Rance
    Chantelle Rance
    Really great photographer! Super friendly and made me feel really comfortable taking the photos. Gave me some awesome images to take away for fantastic value. Would highly recommend!!
  • Sean Meyer
    Sean Meyer
    Have always dreaded getting headshots taken. I'm (obviously) not a model, and unlike any other photographer I've used David was extremely adept at putting me at ease and directing my actions and thoughts to achieve some great results. Thank you!
  • Francis Quigley
    Francis Quigley
    Brilliant photographer, highly professional studio and character. Warm and welcoming. Makes a good cup of tea also.
  • Alan Wai
    Alan Wai
    David is such a professional and an absolute joy to work with. His approach is straight forward yet fun and relaxing, and guarantees some great results. Great photographer, and equally a great bloke!
  • Christopher Fosh
    Christopher Fosh
    David Yiu Photographer is a legend, he puts you at total ease as soon as you walk in the door. I can not praise him enough on being a true professional at his job and at the final results. Thank you David, your a god....
  • Joseph Mathews
    Joseph Mathews
    Very friendly and professional approach, working with you on a personal level to capture the best images with a range of themes and all at a very good rate!
  • Jane Hibbs
    Jane Hibbs
    I thoroughly enjoyed my day of headshot taking, all thanks to Dave. He was very professional, and helped me feel very welcome and comfortable in his studio and in front of the camera. I was given loads of helpful advice on clothing choices and demonstrating different characters. The hard part was choosing the photos, as they were all great quality. I absolutely loved my final edits and would happily recommend Dave to anyone looking for high quality photos with a unique style.
  • Simon Rhys-Jones
    Simon Rhys-Jones
    I had a great time shooting with David. He knows how to relax a subject, and offers plenty of direction when conducting the shoot, all the while taking the actors wishes on board too. I was extremely pleased with the final choices and would highly recommend.
  • Rosalyn Cosgrove
    Rosalyn Cosgrove
    Great headshots, great time shooting! Would highly recommend to anyone!
  • Rosalyn Cosgrove
    Rosalyn Cosgrove
    Fabulous headshots. lovely calm and friendly environment. Would recommend him to anyone!
  • Thomas Cunningham
    Thomas Cunningham
    I will not be able to praise David enough for the overall quality of service he provided. It was vital to me that I found a relaxed and welcoming environment to be within whilst having my first professional set of photographs taken and David provided the most comfortable atmosphere I could have hoped for. The final images I received, I believe, have given me the greatest chance in standing out amongst the crowd whilst starting my professional acting career and I would happily recommend his work to any friend and colleague.
  • Lisa Hurst
    Lisa Hurst
    David was very professional and down-to-earth during our photo session. The turnaround with the shots was very fast, and his pictures are top quality. I would definitely recommend his work to anybody looking for the best. Thanks again, David :)
  • Carl Ferguson
    Carl Ferguson
    Taken on the set of 'Going Under'

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