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Sheila Burnett - Headshot Photographer

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    Sheila Burnett
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    Sheila Burnett : Professional Theatre Photographer who also specialises in Actor's Headshots. She has had over 20 years experience and can offer advise on hair/make up and all things related to your session.

    I work from my studio in Maida Vale W9. I'm easy to reach by either bus or tube just 20 minutes from the West End. All sessions take place indoors and out, I have a place for you to freshen up, change, do make up, shave etc. I like to start with a chat about hair, make up & outfits so I can offer my advice and guidance.

    I tend to work in the afternoons, 12 noon onwards and also at weekends

    My special rate for CCP Members is £225
    ( 10% discount off regular rate - none members £250 )
    inclusive of vat and costs

    This includes a 2 hour plus shoot : 100 proofs in b/w and colour : 5 re-touched highly finished final shots. Your favourite photo will be printed for you on 10x8 glossy photographic paper and sent to you by post, meanwhile your final high res images will be sent online by WE Transfer.

    An average of 250 photographs are taken throughout, I do the first edit with your approval and send the proofs by email 24 hours later or sooner if urgent.

    All further details are on line, including Student rates and shared sessions.
    Any questions you have, you may find the answers on my FAQ page on my headshot website, if you would like to chat in person, call me on 020 7289 3058 or 07974 731391
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  • Eden Ford
    Eden Ford
    After an experience with a photographer that I would rather forget, I was apprehensive about getting some headshots to say the least. I read carl proctor’s advice this time and used the headshothunter site, both have information worth reading as has CCP. I had spotted Sheila Burnetts’ entry on CCP and then found it on Headshothunter. I already liked her photos and hoped she would be someone I could work with. Sheila has a beautiful flat in a period block on the 4th floor. The stairs were the only uphill struggle that day. From the moment Sheila opened the door my apprehension started to slip away and I felt like I was speaking to a friend. Hopefully all photographers know how to use their cameras and lights and are proficient editors but knowing how to use your subject, well that discipline is unobtainable for some and for the few that master it, only do so by study and experience. Sheila immediately read the angst in my eyes, sat me down made a joke then made me tea. After that, like a director that finds the performance within you that you would never have found alone, she gently takes you by the mind and eases you through the shoot. She is meticulous, patient and seems to know immediately what she is looking for and you will know when she’s got it. When I received the contact sheet (the very next day) I was overwhelmed by the amount of useable shots, like most actors I find it so easy to see fault in any stills I see my self in but with hers they are just me and the face I see is the same one I see in the mirror, except with a sparkle that has given me more confidence than any headshot has before them. Thank-you Sheila you are an Artist.
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