A Doll's House

Torvald Helmer

  • Author
    Henrik Ibsen
  • Overview
    Nora enters in a highly strung mood. Christmas is coming. Her husband Torvald enters; they are obviously intimate but this relationship is like that of a bird and it's stern owner. A mysterious man Krogstad turns up to see Torvald and shakes Nora's excitement. Then Nora's dear old friend Mrs Lind unexpectedly turns up. She is looking for work and Nora explains to her that in her absence Nora's dear father has died and Nora has forged his name to obtain borrowed money from Krogstad to pay for a sabbatical for Torvald's health. She is proud of this but Mrs Lind is horrified. Fired by Torvald (evidently the reason for the visit), Krogstad threatens Nora with exposure for forgery. Nora becomes convinced when she tells Torvald what she has done he will save her by taking the blame. She dreads and longs for the moment when she will confess. Eventually that moment comes and, to her horror, Torvalds only concern is for what people will think. Realising her marraige has been a sham based on games and illusion Nora leaves, abandoning husband and children, to discover herself and assert her independance.
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