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  • Author
    Federico Garcia Lorca
  • Overview
    Yerma is a young woman married to a man that is far more interested in farming and providing for her financially, than providing for her physical needs. Yerma wants a child, she yearns for one, and through the course of the play becomes more desperate, and employs more desperate means of having a child, slowly driving herself insane through this desperation. The play looks at the maternal instincts of women and shows a woman prepared to show her sexuality and go after what she wants. The poetry of Lorca is amazing, and although never fully realised through any translation I've read or seen, it still provides imagery that is truly beautiful. The scenes with the washerwomen showing the gossips of the town are very cleverly written and provide stunning visual and audio feasts. Written by Lorca in the backdrop of a Spain in revolution, and Lorca being a man who would go on to fight and die in the Spanish civil war the play has undertones of a voice trying to show that the way things are is not right and he wants change.
    Although the play does have these grand issues in it, what I feel the play is best at is its study of three deeply unhappy individuals. Yerma, her husband Juan, and Victor, the love of Yerma's life that never gains the courage to run away with her. This is what I remember the play for, and I would recommend it for that reason.
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