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    Hugh Montini Lee
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    Actorshowreels has a long history of providing bespoke showreels of the highest quality for actors working in the UK and abroad. Our unique working methods and low cost Flat Rate Package schemes have ensured that we continue to be the showreel company of choice for many actors and their agents. As well as working with actors on a one to one basis, we are also now directly employed by many of the top agencies in London. So whether you are just starting out in the business, or an established professional, Actorshowreels has a showreel package to suit your requirements.

    Actorshowreels has more positive testimonials than any other video showreel company on CCP. Please take a moment to read through some of the testimonials from actors that have used our service.

    We have edited showreels for clients of Independent, United Agents, Hamilton Hodell, Curtis Brown, Cole Kitchenn, CAM and many other of the top agencies in London.

    At Actorshowreels we want your showreel to be the best showreel it can possibly be.

    Unlike most showreel companies, we don't think that this will be achieved by having you sit with an editor in a single studio session and by charging you expensive hourly rates. In our experience, actors can feel pressurized to make snap decisions about their showreel under these circumstances and they often regret having made those decisions once the session is over and the disks have already been printed up.

    With this in mind and based our client's feedback over the years, we have developed our Showreel Package deal.

    We edit your showreel according to your initial specifications and then upload a trial version onto our website. You can take your time over any changes you may wish to make to this trial version. You will also be able to send links to your agent or anybody you choose and get their input also. It can be invaluable getting an outside opinion at this stage.

    Once you get back to us with your changes, we will upload a new trial version based on your feedback. We will continue this process until you are totally satisfied with the final edit.

    This method of working is unique to Actorshowreels.

    So whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the business, Actorshowreels has a package to suit your needs.

    Finally, if you are a member of Casting Call Pro, we also give you a discount.

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  • Elizabeth Bower
    Elizabeth Bower
    A swift service by a fantastic company. They made excellent suggestions, worked very quickly, made tweaks and changes as requested and were utterly lovely to chat to. I am a delighted customer.
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