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One Foot in the Door Showreels

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    One Foot in the Door Showreels
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    Casting Directors have thousands of applications for each role they cast, so if you don't have a showreel, you don't exist.

    Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to have a showreel. It has to be a great showreel.

    We write and shoot tailor-made scenes that LOOK and FEEL like they come from ACTUAL MOVIES, and direct you on the day to help you give your very BEST performance.

    Here is what we offer:

    - 3 scenes written, directed and edited just for you, which you will receive in Full HD 1920×1080

    - 1 showreel showing your best skills in three different formats: Full HD 1920×1080 (for SPOTLIGHT, YouTube, Vimeo, etc), HD 1280×720 (for CASTING NETWORKS and other websites) and SD 608×342 (for MANDY)

    Price: £349 all inclusive.

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