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The Bicycle Shop

  • About
    'Once upon a time, there was a bicycle shop in St Benedict's. It was a nice bicycle shop, just the sort of place for getting your bicycle repaired, or even for buying a shiny new bicycle, painted red with a gleaming silver bell.

    But time passed, and there seemed to be less need for bicycle shops, and in 2000 the bicycle shop closed. There were more restaurants on St Benedict's, and after a while the bicycle shop became Silk, a Thai restaurant, and after that it was the Kitchen, a restaurant and then a cafe, but sadly that too closed. Then one day along came Rob Howe, a former wine merchant who had worked at the Last Wine bar and the Playhouse bar. He missed the old bicycle shop, and so he decided to call his cafe-bar the Bicycle Shop. He decorated it in memory of the old shop, with vintage cycling posters and bike-wheel lampshades, and put an old bicycle outside.

    There were no shiny red bicycles with gleaming silver bells, but there were plates of cake in the window, and organic beer in bottles, and good coffee, and things to eat, so the people of Norwich were quite happy. Downstairs was another bar, with plenty of space for lounging, and beer on tap, which was useful to know if you were on the ground floor. Sometimes it was used for groups like dance classes and the like, in which case the bar staff would run down to get a pint of beer, if you asked nicely.

    Princes and dragon-slayers and adventurers of all kinds, even those who come from humble cottages, need to eat. And the Bicycle Shop provided for them.

    Everyone agreed that the Bicycle Shop was a fine place, and a worthy successor to the old bicycle shop. And so they all lived happily ever after'.
  • Address
    17 St. Benedicts Street
    NR2 4PE

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