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    Rob Voicereels
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    At Voicereels.co.uk, we provide a relaxed environment to create your voice over demo.

    There's no clock watching or worrying about extra charges for spending too long in the vocal booth.

    As well as creating new voice reels, we can also edit your existing reel into a two minute montage to use on casting websites.

    If you're a singer with too many tracks to put on your web page? We can edit them down into a short piece that shows off your range.

    We can also help if you need to record audio or effects for live performances, at very competitive rates.

    Please have a look around the website and use the details on the contacts page if you'd like to get in touch.

    Full voicereels from just £249.
    Current offer: CCP members get £50 off, that's just £199 for a new voicereel!
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  • Vicki Glover
    Vicki Glover
    Professional but relaxed session, good quality equipment used, a good amount of input from both sides of the table, and cups of tea on request! A good experience and highly recommended.
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