Eligibility Criteria

Mandy is a site for professionals and, as such, we have strict eligibility requirements across our branches. Across our site, all candidates must have experience of working in their chosen field. Some of our sites also require professional images, so that we can present you in the best possible light.

Mandy Actors UK (actors.mandy.com/uk)

All actors need a minimum of one professional headshot plus one of the following: 

  • Professional acting training; or 
  • One professional speaking credit

Mandy Actors US (actors.mandy.com/us)

    All actors need a minimum of one professional headshot plus one of the following: 

    • Membership to any performers' union (AEA, SAG/AFTRA, etc); or
    • Representation from one of our listed and verified agents; or
    • A degree in any performance related discipline; or
    • A qualification from an established and well respected acting or voice studio
    • At least one paid, professional speaking role in any medium of performance.

    Extra work, unpaid student films, unpaid developmental productions do not qualify

    If you do not meet any of these requirements you may submit to us for membership consideration 2 letters of recommendation from working industry professionals who you have either studied from or worked with. These letters must include contact information for this person so we may verify their recommendation.

    By submitting these letters you are in no way guaranteed membership and the decision is at the discretion of our casting liaison. Recommendation approved membership may take up to 30 days for a response.

    If you fail to meet any of the above requirements you will be unable to join Mandy Actors US at this time.

    Mandy Talent 

    Mandy Talent is designed for those just breaking into the industry who want to better learn and understand their chosen medium. If you are unable to join Mandy Actors at this time we will move your profile to Mandy Talent. Please view our Help section to find out how to make a T2A application to re-join Mandy Actors.